"I don't want to be rude to you fellows from the City, but there's been things going on out here that you would never guess in your wildest million years, old buddy..."

All records are carefully cleaned on a VPI 16.5.
Records are graded visually, unless otherwise noted.
My grading is very strict and at odds with most variations of the original Osborne/Goldmine/Record Collector systems currently used; basically my grades should at least be in the ballpark area of the words' actual literal meaning. That means that a record graded G (as in Good), for example, is very far from trashed but in fact reasonably nice.
If there's a big mark, scratch or similar, it'll be playchecked and noted specifically.
As for covers, I also state the reasons for a given grade, like ringwear, split seams etc, in rather minutiae details.
I do try to make the best gradings possible, but of course I'll make mistakes every now and then. If you feel strongly that I've misjudged the condition of an item, let me know and we'll work something out, ok?

M- = Used but stone perfect. I hardly ever use this grade.

EX = An absolute top copy; any wear will be very insignificant.

VG+ = Still a really nice copy with only VERY minor wear/sound imperfections; should please most collectors.

VG = A record that shows some typical wear for its age, but nothing very serious - it's been taken good care of, but may have some rather obvious imperfections like more ringwear, a minor split etc. Pretty nice though. Light background surface noise, ticks etc may occur but only briefly and/or in ways that affect play & enjoyment in a very minor way only.

G = Means that cover could have several smaller signs of wear, or one or two more serious things (like heavy ringwear), but it still holds up reasonably well & is far from trashed. Discs will have more surface lines/marks, that might affect play but still a pretty worthwhile play copy.

F = Lots of wear - heavy ringwear, longer splits etc - though not garbage-bin fodder; will do nicely as a starter copy, or even a keeper for the less picky of you. Obvious ticks, pops, surface noise & such are likely to appear in places, but shouldn't be overwhelming.

P = As F, only more of everything... might have pops, ticks and considerable surface noise, all at the same time - but it will play through without skips unless such is specifically mentioned (& if so it'll be something very brief). Cover will have severe wear of all sorts.

B = Another grade I hardly ever use, only in the case something very rare/interesting should appear & thus merit a listing despite its condition. Cover would be trashed, disc very worn & likely not playing through. Pure shelf-filler.

cc = cut corner
cvr = cover
fo = foldout cover
lbl = label
nap = not affecting play
oop = out of print
ost = original soundtrack recording
ss = split seam
stkr = sticker
sto(f/b)c = sticker on (front/back) cover
stol = sticker on label
to(f/b)c = tear on (front/back) cover
tol = tear on label
wlp = white label promo
wo(f/b)c = writing on (front/back) cover
wol = writing on label
Also, I use the term "edgewear" to note wear on the non-pocket side of a gatefold cover for a single LP.
New abbreviations tend to pop up now and then; if you don’t know what I mean, just ask.

How to order:
Send an email letting me know what you're after and I'll reply with a confirmation of what you get along with costs for post and packaging (more of which below). Let me know if you want me to send the package registered. Details below. No responsibility is taken by me if your uninsured package gets lost in the mail (hasn't happened yet though).

Postage/shipping details:
Double LPs count as two LPs. These are approximate figures - if an album has a really thick gatefold and/or vinyl it may go as two LPs. Costs for bigger orders and singles/EPs are quoted with order confirmation.
AIRMAIL WITH TRACKING costs more; for 1 - 3 LPs / 4-7 LPs EU/US as follows:
EU: SEK 190 / SEK 270
US / Rest of the world: SEK 152 / SEK 216 
(Yes, as weird as it may seem it's currently cheaper for me to send to non-EU countries.)

Payment options:
*IBAN transfers; ask for details if you’re interested.

Svenska kunder:
*Betalning till bankkonto.

Website updates:
I update the main section (the 'rock' stuff) four times a year (well, it used to be that way!); if you want to be notified when this happens, please send me an email & I'll add you to the address list. The other sections are updated approximately 1-3 times a year, always in connection with changes in the main list. I usually send out a sales list once a year as well.

Trades/Wantlists and more:
Basically all titles in this list are to be considered as possible trade items. Cash is a priority, however, and if you offer me trade items I might wait a few weeks to see what’s going to sell before I let you know. Unless you offer me stuff I want for my personal collection (mainly US psych & folk) or things I can sell right away, I will probably need a bit higher value on the records you have to offer than on those you want from me. Unless we’ve been doing this for some time, or I’m familiar with you in some other way, you’ll have to send your records to me before you get yours. When offering me trade items, make sure they are carefully graded and priced/valued.
Wantlists are given immediate attention and replies are sent even if I don’t have anything for you at the moment. Likewise, I’ll reply if your ordered records are already sold, i e no “silence means gone” system is being used.
Lots of records come and go between updates – send wantlists if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on that record you’ve been looking for since way back when.

Records to sell?
Needless to say I always have to buy more records – let me know what you have, one record or thousands – it’s all of interest. Good prices paid for original pressings, especially if it's psych, prog, folk or similar; I'm very interested in local/private pressings as well. Click on the 'About us' button for a list of artists in these genres that I've sold copies of in the past and always am looking for to restock!

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