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ANTAPTIKA Chants Des Partisans Grecs (Delta) Italy 1972
strong VG; micro warp nap.
Cover: lower end of VG; some seam/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; wofc; some soiling obc; some very minor creases.

ANDREYEV RUSSIAN FOLK ORCHESTRA - same (Melodia) Russia 1968
beautiful EX; knowing where this came from, I'd say it's a good chance it's unplayed. Very light warp nap.
VG+; small ancient pricetag obc, otherwise just some very light overall wear.

ATACAMA - Arriba Quemando El Sol (MNW) Sweden 1971

Record: VG
Cover: VG; fo (of the simple wrap-around type); light edgewear; light ring/shelfwear; light soiling f/b; small wobc; top right ofc has a minor ding; shop stoc.

AVANTI POPOLO! (Paredon) USA 1976'Revolutionary songs of the Italian working class'.
very strong VG+; mostly in shrink; light wear corners next to opening with minimal budding splits; slightly tweaked
at spine. No booklet.

S. BALACHANDER / SIVARAMAN - The Music Of India (Nonesuch) USA 196?
Record: s1 strong VG, s2 VG+.
Cover: VG; very light seam/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; minor lamination peeling ofc at opening; really tiny toc.

BAYETE II (AMA) Sweden 1985
Record: strong VG.
Cover: VG; some seam/cornerwear; very light spinewear; light ring/shelfwear; small wofc; light cornerbends/bumps & some very light creasing; very light soiling ofc.

ERIC BENTLEY - Bentley On Brecht (Folkways) USA 197?
70s pressing of 1965 LP.
Record: s1 is G & better - tiny mark at the end of t3 makes about 20 pops, but overall playing fine with just minor noise here & there; s2 is
F with plenty of light marks, plays with surfnoise/ticks/pops; minimal warp nap.
Cover: EX; in shrink; really tiny cornerbend + minimal wear on corners at opening. Booklet.

JONNE BERGGRENS KAPELL - Norrlandskultis (Skelton) Sweden 1978
Record: strong VG+
Cover: VG; minor seam/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; light creasing at spine; signed obc.

JOHN BISHOP - Plays His Guitar (Doesn't He) (Tangerine) USA 1971
Record: G; lotsa lines/light scratches cause surfnoise, audible between tracks mostly; micro warp nap.
Cover: nice VG; very light spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; a couple of really tiny/light stains ofc; minimal wear ofc at opening; a couple of light manufacturing wrinkles obc; drillhole.

DIEGO BLANCO - Danza (Hamreem) Sweden 1976
Record: strong VG+.
Cover: G; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; bending/creasing, mostly ofc.

BUDDY BOHN - Places (Happy Tiger) USA 1969
Record: s1 VG, s2 G.
Cover: nice G; minimal spinewear; seam/cornerwear; really small splits top seam at opening & spine; 3" split mid-bottom seam; light ring/shelfwear.

LES BROWN - New Horizons (Daybreak) USA 1972
Record: VG; micro warp nap.
Cover: VG; minor seam/cornerwear, a bit more on spine; very light ring/shelfwear; light cornerbend & tiny bump; minimal wear at opening f/b.

CALCHAKIS - Les Flutes Indiennes vol. 4 (Arion) France 1971
Record: very strong G to be safe; looks better & overall playing's a lot better too, but there's some surfnoise between tracks, and occasional minor ticks.
Cover: VG; fo; light seam/spine/cornerwear; edgewear; light ring/shelfwear.

THE CATS - Take Me With You (Imperial) Holland 1970
Record: VG+
Cover: VG+; fo; light overall wear only.

CHAKACHAS - New Sound (Polydor) Norway 1972

Same LP - in same artwork except lettering of band name & title - as 'Jungle Fever'.
Record: G; downgraded because of a light scratch over t1-3 s2, but it doesn't do much; rest's VG. Minimal warp nap.
Cover: nice G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; minor wear at opening f/b; minimal soiling obc.

THE MATYI CSANYI GYPSY BAND - Gypsy Vol. 2 (Polydor) Germany 1967
Record: very strong VG.
Cover: G; downgraded because of clear tape on both (non-split) seams (of course, since the cover is laminated you can remove these easily with heat, magic fluids & some patience & voilà! a real nice VG cover); really light seam/cornerwear; small tofc; minimal ring/shelfwear; micro wear ofc at opening.

THE DAYHILLS IRISH BAND - The Dear Little Isle (Bisucit City) USA 1977
Record: G
Cover: strong F; spine's heavily worn; sem/cornerwear; minimal ss; light ring/shelfwear; light age-yellowing/soiling obc; minimal wear at opening f/b.

JIM DELL - Songs By (no label) USA 196?
Record: G; plenty of light marks & scuffing; sl warp nap.
Cover: G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; really tiny ss; very light wear ofc at opening; wofc + signed & dedicated obc.

CLAUDE DENJEAN - Open Circuit (Decca) UK 1973
Record: G
Cover: G; seam/spine/cornerwear, esp 1" mid-spine; light ring/shelfwear; very light wear at opening f/b; some light bends & creases; shop stoc; some soiling & light stains obc; micro ss.

JACK DIEVAL & PARIS JAZZ QUARTET - same (Concert Hall) France 196?
Record: strong VG with some very light surflines only - looks perfect at a quick glance.
Cover: strong VG; a bit too much rw obc to pass for higher grade, but otherwise very light overall wear only.

EESTI POP X (Melodyia) Soviet 1989

Comp of various Estonian bands.
Record: s1 EX, s2 strong VG+ with a few near-invisble hairlines only - basically, this looks unplayed.
Cover: strong EX; absolutely minimal general wear only.

FIRESIGN THEATRE - Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers (Columbia) USA 1970
Not sure if this slipped out on the 360 label first, in any event this is the red/orange one.
Record: s1 VG because of some very minor light marks, s2 VG+.
Cover: VG; tiny ss, otherwise light overall wear only. Big poster in very nice condition.

FYNBOERNE - I det Gronne Hjorne (PST!) Denmark 1975Record: G; very light lines & scuffing only; sl warp nap; stol s2.
Cover: strong F; fo; downgraded because of radio station stoc; slight stkr residue/stain f/b; small tofc; light seam/spine/corner/edgewear, mostly at top; light ring/shelfwear; a couple of tiny corner bumps; minimal woc (tiny mark next to one track title).

JOE GLAZER - Songs Of Joe Hill (Folkways) USA 197? 
70s pressing of 1954 10".
Cover: very strong VG+; in shrink; bottom seam at opening has light wear/tiny beginning of a split, otherwise pretty much like new. No booklet.

LENA GRANHAGEN - Sjunger Theodorakis & Biermann (Proprius) Sweden 1972
 looks VG with some light surflines only, but as is always the case with this it plays with background surfnoise - an unavoidable part of the package here.
Cover: nice VG with light overall wear only & a tiny stkr stain ofc.

Later issue.
Record: VG; very nice VG+ except for light scratch s2
Cover: VG+; light overall wear only; cc.

HOLT & McINTOSH Inc. - Party Sound Á GoGo (TT) Germany 196?
Record: nice G; very light surflines/scuffing only - plays fine. Tiny warp nap.
Cover: VG+; spine's gently tweaked & there's a tiny shop stkr obc, otherwise minimal overall wear only.

HORTTO KAALO - Älä Unohda Tuskaa (Rondo) Finland 1976
Record: VG; scuffing & surflines, except for s2t2 where a scratch cause ugly noise for three revolutions.
Cover: G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear (mostly obc); stoc; tofc; tiny cornerbend.

INCANTATION - Cacharpaya (Beggars Banquet) UK 1982
Record: nice VG; light surfmark s2t2 does nothing.
Cover: VG; seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; very light wear at opening f/b; really gentle cornerbend; a few faint creases along seams/spine; small shop stobc.

KUSTAA JÄRVINEN - Pelimanni (Kansanmusiikki-instituutin) Finland 197?
Record: G; light marks/lines/scuffing only.
Cover: G; fo; radio station stoc (much smaller/less disturbing obc) & tofc - wear is rather moderate though, with light ring/shelfwear; a couple of very gentle bends/creases; a touch of soiling obc.

KANKAAN PELIMANNIT Ja Heikki Laitinen - Herra Melperi (RCA International) Finland 1974
Record: G; light surflines/marks/scuffing only.
Cover: strong F; very light seam/spine/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear; radio station stoc (mostly ofc); tear (white-on-white)/stkr residue ofc; very tiny tobc; very light soiling f/b; minimal cornerbumps; a touch of wear at opening f/b.

KANKAAN PELIMANNIT - Aalonksi Ja Emueli (Olarin) Finland 1978
Record: G; light surflines/scuffing only.
Cover: strong F; radio station stkrs f/b; some seam/spine/cornerwear; budding ss mid-top; small ding at spine; light ring/shelfwear; some light bends & creases; very light wear at opening f/b; slightly faded f/b along spine. Insert.

KANSANSOITTOA KANTELEILLA (Kansanmusiikki-instituutin) Finland 1979
Record: VG
Cover: VG; a tiny bit of overall wear only, but has radio station stkrs f/b (very insignificant obc). Insert with photos & notes (in Finnish).

CARIN KJELLMAN - same (Amalthea) Sweden 1985
Record: VG
Cover: VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; light creasing along seams/spine; micro toc. Original inner.

TYTTI-LEENA LAASASELLE - Tytti-Leena & Kantele (no label) Finland 1981

Record: G; lots of light surflines/marks, but nothing serious & overall playing way better than grade; stol s1.
Cover: very strong F; downgraded because of a big stofc; also a smaller one; some seam/spine/cornerwear; ring & shelfwear; a couple of light creases ofc; very light wear ofc at opening; small stkr stain ofc.

LAUGH-IN '69 (Reprise) USA 1969
Record: Sealed
Cover: Sealed; a couple of light cornerbends; cc.

LEADBELLY - Sings & Plays (Society) UK 1965Record: VG; some faint lines/surfmarks. For obvious reasons sound quality isn't exactly hi-fi though.
Cover: strong G; very light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; small cornerbend; slight stkr residue obc; light stain obc; light crease obc.

LEADBELLY / JOSH WHITE - same (Presto) UK 1965Record: VG; as above re sound quality though.
Cover: VG; very light spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; very light stkr residue ofc; a tiny bit of lamination loosening at top seam; old price-tag obc; some very light soiling obc.

LÄR KÄNNA VIETNAM (Befria Södern) Sweden 1973
Record: nice VG; label's pressings aren't hi-fi though.
Cover: G; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; some light bends & creases; small wobc. 16-page A4 booklet with notes in Swedish, but also plenty of photos & drawings.

TANIA MARIA - Taurus (Concord/Picante) USA 1982
Record: EX
Cover: beautiful EX; in shrink; a touch of cornerwear only.

Record: nice VG.
Cover: strong G; very thin & flimsy, but it has held up nicely with some seam/spine/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear (mostly obc); small wofc; small pricetag obc; gentle cornerbends & some general light creases; very light soiling obc; minimal ss.

NORTHWIND - River Flight (Glen Canyon) USA 1982
Record: VG; tiny marks cause brief noise at the end of s1t4 & on s2t4,5; small wol.
Cover: VG; seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; small tofc; some light bends & creases.

THE OLDHAM TINKERS - Sit Thee Down (Topic) UK 1977
Record: EX
Cover: very strong VG+; light overall wear only.

(Musique Folklorique Du Monde) PEROU (Musidisc) France 196?

Record: EX except between s2t7/8 where a tiny pressing bubble pops three times.
Cover: F; very little actual wear, but unfortunate removal of a sealing stkr has left tears ofc repaired with clear tape + small tears/slight stkr residue/neatly applied clear tape obc. Otherwise very light overall wear only, except for minimal wobc & small reference stobc.

(QUILAPAYUN) THE SIEGE OF SANTA MARIA DE IQUIQUE A People's Cantata Of The Chilean Nitrate Miners (Paredon) USA 1974
'Composed by Luis Advis, performed by Quilapayun, narrated by Hector Duvauchelle'; recorded in 1970.
Record: VG+
Cover: EX; in shrink (torn ofc); a tiny bit of cornerwear. Booklet.

CHRIS RAWLINGS - same (Cooking Fat) Canada 1984
Record: Sealed.
Cover: Sealed.

RENCONTRE AVEC LA ROUMANIE: BANAT (Electrecord) Romania 197?
Record: EX; very slight warp nap.
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; a couple of light bends; really light age-yellowing.

Record: EX; warp nap.
Cover: VG; seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; tiny tofc; light age-yellowing obc; minimal bending at opening; light wear ofc at opening. Unlike the other two, this has a rather glossy cover instead of a textured one, still thin/flimsy though.

RENCONTRE AVEC LA ROUMANIE: Bucovine (Electrecord) Romania 197?
Record: EX; very slight warp nap.
Cover: VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; very light rw... and not much else.

JUDITH REYES - Days Of Struggle (Paredon) USA 1973
'Songs of the unfinished revolution'; Judith is its quiet spokesperson on acoustic guitar & vocals.
Record: VG+; very tiny warp nap.
Cover: VG+; very light overall wear + wee bit of fading at spine & a really tiny tofc. No booklet.

Streaplers, Sleepstones, Craftones Combo, Shanes, Öijvinds, Boots, Climbers, 1-2 tracks/each.
Record: G; lots of surflines/marks, but nothing deep/serious - plays fine.
Cover: nice F; seam/cornerwear; light spinewear; ring/shelfwear, mostly ofc; some minor bends & creases; small stobc; small tobc; some wear at opening, mostly ofc; some age-yellowing/soiling obc.

LIDIYA RUSLANOVA - Russian Folk Songs (Melodyia) Russia 19??
Record: strong F; lots of light lines & marks, plays with surfnoise.
Cover: F; seams/spine are fraying; spine has a 1" split at middle & bottom seam is split 1" at opening; ring/shelfwear (moderate ofc, more obc); light wear/small tears at opening f/b; bends & creases (cvr's very fragile, so these happen easily).

EDUARDO SABORIT - Linda Un Combatiente Musical Que es Cuba (Alborada) Cuba 1966
Record: P; plays with background noise & s1t5,6 has a scratch that pops loudly for some time - often playing better than grade though.
Cover: P; both seams split all the way; minimal spinewear; stkr residue f/b along seams; light ring/shelfwear; very light soiling/age-yellowing obc; very light water damage in upper corner at opening; light wear ofc at opening.

FREDDIE SCOTT - I Shall Be Released (Probe) USA 1970
Record: strong F; nice & shiny, but small scratches cause minor intermittent noise & pops + some very occasional pressing noise s2 - overall playing just fine though.
Cover: VG; in shrink; some seam/spine/cornerwear where shrink's popped open; wofc benath shrinnk; really light wear at opening f/b; drillhole.

MARIAN SEGAL With Silver Jade - Fly On Strangewings (DJM) USA 1970
Record: G; some light scratches s1 cause ticks on & off; s2 is mostly playing better than grade.
Cover: VG+; light overall wear only + faint cornerbend & a tiny tobc next to cc; sawcut.

SKÄGGMANSLAGET - Pjål, Gnäll & Ämmel (Sonet) Sweden 1970
Record: strong F; looks G & plays it too (& better) most of the time, but a tiny scratch causes pops/ticks/background noise for much of s2t2,3,4,5 - it's nothing too bad/out of hand though.
Cover: very strong VG; minor overall wear only.

SLOVAKIAN FOLK SONGS (Supraphon) Chechoslovakia 1967
Record: very nice VG.
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; minimal ring/shelfwear; a couple of light cornerbends; thin tofc at opening; very light wear/loosening of lamination ofc at opening.

Record: s1 beautiful EX, s2 VG+ because of an obvious surfline t1-3, but it hardly does a thing.
Cover: VG; light seam/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear, the latter mostly obc; small toc at bottom.

WYNN STEWART - same (Wrangler) USA 1962?
Record: looks solid VG, but pressing appears to be on the cheap side with some surfnoise between tracks; small tol s1.
Cover: VG; partly in shrink; some seam/spine/cornerwear; minimal shelfwear where shrink's popped open; micro tofc; tiny dings at opening f/b.

Record: s1 VG+, s2 strong VG.
Cover: G; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; tiny cornerbumps; light wear at opening f/b; small tobc; light creases at spine.

Record: VG
Cover: very strong VG+; really light overall wear only. Poster insert.

TELLER BUNTE KNETE - ...Macht Musik! (no label) Germany 1980
Record: s1 VG+, s2 VG because of some light surflines, but they don't do anything.
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; minimal tofc; some bends/creases along spine/top seam; a couple of slightly bumped corners; minimal wear at opening; small wobc; distribution stobc.

THE HAPPY TRAUM BAND - Friends And Neighbors (CSP) Sweden 1983
Record: VG; light surfmarks and scuffing.
Cover: VG; minimal seam/spine/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; tofc; very light wear ofc at opening; some faint creases at spine.

TONY TREECE - Tall Dark Stranger (Crown) USA 196?
Record: VG; minimal warp nap.
Cover: VG+; in shrink; small tobc at opening, otherwise very light overall wear only.

THIJS VAN LEER - Introspection (CBS) Holland 1972
Record: G; light surfline/marks only.
Cover: G; seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; minimal wear at opening f/b; very light stkr stain ofc; long crease obc.

Record: downgraded to F because of ugly marks s2t2,3,4 - not too intrusive t2, while t3 & 1/2 t4 play with background noise.
Rest's a solid G. Almost invisible rubber stamp on each label.
Cover: G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; bottom seam split 3" from opening & another 2" at midle, top
seam split 1" at corner; hard to see stkr residue ofc; kinda small library stamp with a few signatures on it ofc.

VIETNAM ÄR NÄRA Sånger Av De Förenade FNL-grupperna (Befria Södern) Sweden 1972
Record: strong G.
Cover: VG; minor spinewear; light seam/cornerwear; very light rw; some very light soiling ofc; small wobc; faint bending & creasing in a few spots.

VIVA BOUZOUKI (Minerva) Greece 197?
"With Zambetas and his bouzoukia [and] Zafiriou and his bouzoukia and Lakis-Costakis".
Record: VG+; a couple of faint vinyl imperfections beg s2, but they're inaudible apart from really brief & very light background swoosh very beg t3. Micro warp nap.
Cover: VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear obc; really light cornerbends/tweaks; dedication (not from artists) in ballpoint obc;
light/minimal soiling.

VLADIMIR VYSOTSKY - ? Melodyia Soviet 1988
Record: s1 EX, s2 VG+; warp nap.
Cover: G; very light overall wear only, but has been wet/damp at some point & thus it's now rather wavy.

BIG JOE WILLIAMS / LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS / BROWNIE McGHEE / SONNY TERRY - Big Joe, Sonny, Brownie, Lightnin' (Society) UK 1966
Record: F; light scratches/marks & scuffing, nothing overly deep/serious & it plays rather OK with mostly just minor surfnoise.
Cover: nice G; downgraded because of a minor part of back at opening having been wet at some point & is now a tad wavy + top flap obc has a small tear is sorta bent; otherwise nice with minor overall wear + some very light soiling & tiny ancient price tag obc.

YOUNG-HOLT UNLIMITED - Just A Melody (MCA) Germany 1969?
Record: G
Cover: VG; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; small shop stobc; very light wear at opening f/b; micro tobc;
a few very light creases at spine.

Pouring Its Light Into Ashes